MUNversity Chairperson Diploma Programme

Leading Debate with Authority


The primary objective of the MUNversity Chairperson Diploma Program is to equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role that a Chair plays within the MUN setting. This entails imparting a clear and in-depth comprehension of a Chair’s responsibilities, functions, and importance during MUN conferences. 

By achieving this objective, we aim to establish a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that serves as a launching pad for subsequent modules in the program. This foundational understanding of chairing will empower students to moderate debates effectively, maintain decorum, ensure adherence to rules of procedure, and foster a constructive environment for diplomatic discussions. 

Ultimately, the objective is to prepare students to be proficient Chairs who can confidently lead MUN committees, contribute to the smooth functioning of conferences, and facilitate productive debates. As future leaders in the world of MUN, this knowledge will not only enhance their academic and professional capabilities but also nurture their sense of responsibility and leadership.

Key Facts


High school students


Can be altered / usually 8-10 weeks


Top line MUN experience



Provides a comprehensive understanding of a Chair’s role in the MUN setting

Equips students with in-depth knowledge of a Chair’s responsibilities, functions and importance

Sets foundational knowledge for subsequent modules

Trains proficient Chairs who can lead MUN committees

Instils valuable leadership and diplomatic skills

Enhances academic and professional capabilities

Equips Chairpersons with internationally recognised certification

Contributes to CV

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