Model United Nations (MUN)

Navigating Global Diplomacy


MUN is an engaging educational activity where students step into the shoes of diplomats representing various countries. They simulate real UN bodies, discussing global issues, crafting solutions, and building consensus. MUN offers a unique platform for students to develop essential life skills. Participants conduct in-depth research on their assigned countries and topics, enhancing their knowledge of international affairs. They engage in debates, public speaking, and negotiation, fostering critical thinking and communication abilities. 

One of the critical features of MUN is its ability to create a global perspective as students gain insights into diverse cultures and worldviews. It’s a dynamic experience that promotes empathy, teamwork, and problem-solving. Moreover, MUN prepares students for future leadership roles by honing their understanding of international politics, diplomacy, and the world’s complex issues. 

By actively participating in MUN, students appreciate global cooperation’s importance while refining their public speaking and research skills. Overall, MUN empowers them to be informed, eloquent, and confident global citizens ready to tackle the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world.

Key Facts


High school and university students


Usually 3-4 days of conference


At least A2 English proficiency

MUN in Numbers

More than 2 million participants per year

Used as an educational model in more than 110 countries

More than 2000 conference organised per year

102 years of tradition



Simulates UN bodies and discussions of pressing global issues

Cultivates a broader understanding of the world

Fosters an invaluable international perspective in an interconnected society

Enhances essential skills, including public speaking, research, negotiation, diplomacy, and critical thinking

Facilitates building lasting friendships and professional connections

Advances self-confidence and leadership qualities

Contributes to CV and college admissions

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