Pre Model United Nations (PREMUN)

Early Steps in Global Citizenship


Pre-Model United Nations (PRE-MUN) is a novel educational program tailoring the MUN program for primary school students to improve English proficiency among non-native speakers and promote Sustainable Developments Goals. 

It employs Game-Based Learning (GBL) techniques based on official English teaching curriculums to promote active engagement, language retention, and enjoyable learning while facilitating critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Key Facts


Primary school students


Usually 1 day of conference and activities


Familiarity with the English language



Exposes primary school students to English immersion at a very young age

Sets the foundations for Junior MUN and MUN

Introduces SDGs and emphasises the importance of sustainability

Advances active engagement, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving skills

Provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Focuses on curiosity, analytical thinking and teamwork skills for excellence in academic and personal life

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