MUNversity Teacher Programme

Empowering Educators


In an era of evolving educational paradigms, the MUNversity Teacher Curriculum emerges as a dynamic solution designed to empower English teachers in high schools and secondary schools with the transformative potential of MUN. 

Our curriculum is designed with a clear purpose: to equip educators with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to introduce MUN as a powerful educational experience in their classrooms. By doing so, we aim to foster a generation of globally-aware and critically-thinking students while enabling teachers to expand their impact, grow their networks, and contribute to improving out-of-the-classroom education. 

Through this program, we strive to ignite a passion for MUN, illuminate its academic and personal development benefits, and create a network of educators dedicated to shaping future global leaders. Join us on this educational journey, where teachers become catalysts for change and classrooms transform into experiential learning and global citizenship hubs.

Key Facts




Can be altered / 3-4 weeks


Being an active educator



Empowers teachers with the knowledge to integrate MUN into classrooms

Supports teachers in becoming catalysts for transformative education

Enables the forming of a vast network that expands beyond traditional classrooms

Prepares teachers to nurture global leaders

Provides the opportunity to become part of a community with similar goals

Enhances teaching methods to promote global citizenship

Provides internationally accredited certification

Contributes to CV

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