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MUNAA is a UK-based non-governmental, nonprofit partner fostering excellence in global MUN conferences. MUNAA’s perspective is rooted in the belief that the MUN community is a platform for developing future leaders, critical thinkers, and global citizens. Focusing on education, diplomacy, and international cooperation, Oxford Corridor works with MUNAA to unite individuals and institutions from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for MUN.

MUNAA envisions a world where MUN enthusiasts and practitioners collaboratively address the challenges and opportunities within the MUN community, providing international recognition and accreditation to their endeavours. The organisation aims to leverage media and social platforms to amplify their voices and promote networking opportunities among those committed to MUN’s ideals. 

By encouraging pioneering initiatives and fostering future collaborations, Oxford Corridor and MUNAA strive to bring lasting positive change to the MUN world, emphasising the importance of cooperation and fellowship among institutions and organisations.


Member recognition via the Social Wellbeing Awards
Connecting with alumni from different backgrounds and cultures
Year-long alumni exclusive events and activities
Skill development through numerous workshops and programs
Community service and advocacy initiatives
Networking opportunities with a global community of leaders
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