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Oxford Corridor is an educational institution focusing on transformative student experiences, emphasizing innovation in English language education and preparing students for global citizenship through diverse programs and initiatives.

Oxford Corridor offers a range of programs, including Model United Nations (MUN), Junior Model United Nations (JMUN), Pre-Model United Nations (PRE-MUN), MUNversity Diploma Programme, MUNversity Teacher Programme, MUNversity Chairperson Diploma Programme, Learn By Experience (LBE), European Youth Event (EYE), and Forum of Mayors Simulation.

The MUNversity Diploma Programme is a comprehensive educational initiative designed to equip students with knowledge and skills for success in MUN and beyond, focusing on UN rules, debate, diplomacy, and fostering global citizenship.

The programs are tailored for different age groups, ranging from primary school students (PRE-MUN) to high school and university students (MUN, JMUN, etc.). Specific age and English proficiency requirements are mentioned for each program.

The MUNversity Teacher Programme empowers educators to integrate MUN into their classrooms, nurturing global leaders and enhancing teaching methods to promote global citizenship.

Benefits include enhanced global perspectives, skill development in critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and public speaking, and opportunities for personal growth, networking, and understanding international affairs.

Oxford Corridor aligns its programs with the United Nations SDGs, focusing on education, sustainability, inclusivity, and global citizenship. It ensures students gain academic excellence and a sense of responsibility towards the planet and its people.

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