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Oxford Corridor provides innovative, unique and peer-2-peer learning experiences for students of all ages.

At Oxford Corridor, we embrace boundless ambition. Our mission is to catalyse student transformation, guiding them towards becoming the best versions of themselves.

Why Oxford Corridor?

UN SDGs Oriented Approach

Our relentless pursuit of sustainability and inclusivity makes us the natural choice for those seeking a comprehensive, values-oriented educational journey.

Embracing 21st-Century Skills

Oxford Corridor takes pride in its dedication to nurturing 21st-century skills, equipping learners with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Peer-to-peer learning adaptation

Our commitment to innovative learning methods ensures that students excel academically and emerge as adaptable, forward-thinking individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to society.
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Our Pathways

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MUNversity Pathway

MUNversity is designed to mirror traditional universities. Therefore, we offer students both mandatory core courses and optional electives.

high school

Oxford Corridor Pathway

This structured pathway fosters holistic development, blending academic achievements with essential social and life skills.


MUNAA Pathway

MUNAA strives to bring lasting positive change to the MUN world, emphasising the importance of cooperation and fellowship among institutions and organisations.


Oxford Corridor and UN SDGs

We proudly distinguish ourselves at Oxford Corridor with a steadfast commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We embrace a values-driven approach, aligning our programs with these critical global objectives.

By doing so, we ensure that every student gains academic excellence and nurtures a sense of responsibility towards the planet and its people.

We use state of the art methods in our programs

Global Citizenship Education (GCE)
Game-Based Learning (GBL)
Peer-to-Peer Learning
Libre Process
Rights-Based Approach
Project-Based Learning (PBL)
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Create a great future for your students with Oxford Corridor

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The future of EdTech imagined by DALL-E

Navigating the Next Wave: The 2024 Horizon in EdTech

Step into 2024 with Oxford Corridor and uncover the revolutionary trends in EdTech. From immersive VR/AR learning environments to AI-driven personalisation and Blockchain in education, this blog reveals what’s next in the dynamic world of learning. Get ready to embrace the future of education with Oxford Corridor!

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