Oxford Corridor Pathway

Oxford Corridor’s innovative approach offers high school students a comprehensive out-of-classroom curriculum starting their first year. This structured pathway fosters holistic development, blending academic achievements with essential social and life skills. By integrating experiential learning throughout the high school journey, students are academically prepared and equipped with practical knowledge and personal growth.

UK School Year Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Higher Education
European Equivalent
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
Higher Education
MUNversity Diploma Programme
Diploma Programme Continued
University Experience Programme
Progress to Top Universities
A program that includes learning the operating mechanisms of several international institutions, especially the United Nations, and introducing the perspective of global citizenship within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Continuation of the MUNversity Diploma Programme that includes elective studies such as AI-Based New Learning, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. Thus, students will be able to alter their courses to their interests. This enables them to decide which academic road they want to follow in the following years.
The program allows students who have completed the fundamental studies in the first two years and embody specific values to broaden their horizons. Through programs like LBE, EYE, MUNLocal, and MUNGlobal, this curriculum encourages active participation in peer-to-peer learning and showcases the university’s diverse character before students transition to higher education.
At this point, the experiences and skills students have acquired during this process will be included in their portfolios as digital and accredited certificates in their college applications. Thus, it will positively contribute to admission to top-quality universities and scholarship opportunities.
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